Chemo Fashionista

by Kerry Cue

Womad 2015 Festival vibe

The Truly Fabulous Jules

This is the Funky and Fabulous Jules at WOMAD 2015. She caught my attention because she radiated such a positive vibe. But she had a story to tell. Jules started a Chemo regime of treatment every two weeks – 6 months ago. She was heading back into ‘the chair’ the day after this photograph was taken. She is an example to us all. Grab life now. Celebrate now. Non of us know the future.

We, The Sibyls, thank Jules for sharing her positively contagious spirit and wish her a speedy recovery.


Beyond Y Gen fads: Classy & Fabulous

by Kerry Cue

Coco Chanel Quote


Beyong Y GEN Y Funky & FAB 1

 The fabulous Jane Chisholm, Marketing & Sponsorship Manager,

Big West Festival outside the Arts Centre Melbourne.


Also around Melbourne _____________

Beyond Gen Y Funky & FAB 2


Beyond Gen Y FAshion Funky & FAB 3



BEyond  Gen Y Fashion Funky & FAB 4