When you’re on an AMAZON Best Seller List: Sieze the Day … or, the hour!

No one really knows what goes on in the AMAZON universe. But here we are on a BEST SELLER list!

And for however long that lasts – Amazon updates the list hourly – it’s terrific.




A Book Club without Books

A wonderful review of The Sunday Story Club by Northern Books, Castlemaine, on INSTAGRAM.

“This is an incredibly moving, revealing and profound collection of stories inspired by a series of ‘salon’ events for women. They are a raw insight into women’s lives – their secrets, hopes and disappointments; their loves and their losses. I couldn’t put it down.”




You will not understand yourself until you tell your stories.

Sometimes when we tell our stories we travel down the same well-worn tracks. The questions in  The Sunday Story Club are carefully crafted to sidestep the prepared narratives you use to explain your life experiences to yourself and others. In this way, you learn about your self.




Reclaim Conversation & Connection by Sharing Your Stories

We wrote The Sunday Story Club to share some real-life stories and also encourage others to run their own story salons so that they too could experience their magic.

It has begun.

Thanks, Ashlee & Cristina for the feedback on running your first salon. It sounded fabulous.





Escaping the stereotype into wisdom & understanding

My co-author, Doris Brett, and I spoke at the HAPPINESS AND ITS CAUSES Conference in Sydney in 2019.

Doris’s talk addresses the importance of face-to-face communication, explains why telling our stories out loud can help us understand ourselves, and shows how having deeper conversations can lead to insight into our life experiences and, ultimately, to wisdom. And I talk about the way to open up conversations by using more interesting questions.




A Year of Wisdom

The Sibyls

A Sibyls' SalonWe do not know if, around the world, 2016 will blessed with outbreaks of wisdom. But we the Sibyls, can only live in hope.

We can also, in many small ways, apply what we have learned in life. Here are just a few thoughts that have bubbled out of the Sibyls’ Salons:

*  I was thinking about fear and overcoming fear. Fear comes with possibility. Not knowing. I find that attractive. Leap into the unknown.

*  To find yourself you have to become unmoored.

*  The hardest thing for me to learn to do is ‘keep quiet.’

*  You can have theories or children.

*  Learn from other people’s mistakes because you do not have time to make them all yourself.

When we take time to think and feel and talk in a safe, non-judgemental forum, wisdom gets a chance to bloom.

Artwork: By talented Sibyl Elizabeth D.

Sibyls’ Salon

the Sibyls

Sibylesque Go sibyls Cake

The Sibyls’ Salon was, once again, an exciting mix of extraordinary insights, wise words and frivolity. The opening question brought about an hilarious range of responses.

You are lost on a Desert Island with no IT or means of communication. But, thank goodness, you have one treasured item with you. What is it?

The answers include:

the noble – the complete works of Shakespeare,

the sweet – my teddy bear,

the practical – a pillow,

the entertaining – a book of crossword puzzles,

the devoted – my cat.

But all of the above seemed a little modest compared to Sibyl Doris’s choice of Stephen Sondheim and a Grand Piano!!!!!!! Sibyls desert Island disks Thanks to Sibyls Elizabeth, Rita, Viv I, Rosemary, Viv II, Denis, Celia (See Sibyl Cake above) and Carol plus Host Sibyls Doris and Kerry.