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  1. Penny Cook says

    interesting being an ageing person/woman. Firstly, in my dreams I’m 21. Then, in my dream, I remember I have adult children so that bursts me out of a dream state. But..memories. I remember as a child, if anyone in the nieghbourhood had one of those childhood diseases, the practice was, send them over to play. Fantastic.. there’s measles at 49 so go over and get them. If you’re lucky they’re still contageous. Take your siblings. Mother of said chicken pox carrier welcomed children from the neighbourhood as a community service. Let’s get it over and done with. If you could get measles, chickenpox and mumps before you got to primary school, then mothers and children had done their jobs. How did that change? When did those childhood diseases become life threatening? Just asking????

    • says

      Hello Sibyl Penny,
      You are sooooo right. That was exactly the attitude parents had in my childhood. Basically, mothers, especially those with with big families, wanted to do all the chickenpox at once to get it out of the way. The thought would horrify parents today.
      Sibyl Kerry

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